this week's prompt for the sunday creative is
ethereal: adj 1. celestial, heavenly 2. exceptionally delicate: airy, dainty

...like fog...

fog is an actual person here in the bay area. and she has distinct emotions. in the summer, she stays out too late enjoying the night life in the city. she stays in bed til practically noon, her head is thick with too many drinks and the blanket is pulled up to her nose. she manages to keep the curtains drawn so the early sun doesn't wake her... and the rest of us have to wait til she's conscious again before we can see the sunshine. she heads down to the beach for the day, but inevitably is back in the city for happy hour that evening. fog generally just skips town altogether for most of the fall, but winter and spring she is a fickle and downright unsettled creature... here, then gone, dark and brooding, then laughing and dancing, smothering the streets, tickling the tops of the hills, and always her passionate affair with the ocean... some days you can't tell where she stops and he begins...



gee, i am obviously taking a break from blogging, but it was not intentional. life has just been so full of my sons coming home from their visit with my mom and dad in idaho, turning our attention to the beginning of school, and i am working on a new "project." more on that later... enjoy the last sweet days and the first fresh days!


sunday creative

this week's prompt... shapely. gee, tempted to just post a picture of myself ;)... seems every year past 40 i keep getting more and more "shapely."

i think i'll stick to the purpose, which is prompting creativity.

in so many ways, isn't shape almost inseparable from color? it is often the very thing that defines shape. but in an even more real sense, the way something feels as we touch, that is the true experience of shape... hard, sharp angles, smooth planes, soft curves, bumps, ridges, even the missing places. best to close your eyes and discover what you hold, relishing the simple wonder of touch...

btw, these painted rocks are in my etsy shop.