owl attack

yes, more owls...
(some kind of obsession at the moment)

i've put these in my etsy shop as well...


owl be back

i've been squeezing bits of time from my days
and have something to show for it!

i'm just all gaga over owls right now, can you tell?

i've put them in my etsy shop...

go take a peek!


cut and paste

just a little bit of cutting and pasting fun...
photoshop is brand new to me. i'll need lots of time to explore.


autumn colours: red

autumn colours week with poppytalk.

yesterday's color today...



autumn colours... orange

i didn't exactly miss coffee this morning, ladies...
i've been feeling sooo draggy that i didn't even fix my hair or makeup.
i sat quietly in the corner soaking up the friendly chatter. thanks for being there!

jumping in to be a part of poppytalk's autumn colours week...
so many gorgeous images, a different color each day. 
thursday's will be red!