captain jack sparrow

was found on monday
on my walk...
no nest to be found
so i brought him home
and slowly started feeding him.
at first, all he would take was a little water...

he ate LOTS of canned dog food and cottage cheese puree 


images from the ranch

spent the weekend at the ranch...


found on friday

finally warming up! one of the first flowers you'll see EVERYWHERE here is the california poppy

and i found a happy bumblebee bumbling around inside them

everyone is so happy to feel the warm, golden california sunshine again...


it's alive!

what can i say?
life just sort of steam-rolled over me and i took an unexpected sabbatical.
but i am SO ready to start finding time for art and my blog world again.

at the moment, northern california is taking her sweet time warming up to the idea of summer and everyone around here is a bit annoyed by the delay. poor us... we are SO spoiled. but the long growing season is threatened and my little seedlings look awfully pathetic in my garden window. they're all sideways and scrawny, just desperate for a little sunlight. the tomatoes i put out in the garden a month ago are simply cowering against the chilly breezes, waiting for summer's soft, warm kisses.

i kinda feel the same way.

besides the garden, i have taken on a few spring projects, like a mosaic top for a wine rack a neighbor was throwing out...

and i've been putting reminders of summer's treasures around the house to keep me :)

what makes YOU think of summer?