etsy sale

i'm having a sale on every item in my etsy shop. 
come on by to take a peek. 
use the coupon code to get 20% off!



golden sun
a soft breeze
warm earth
dancing leaves
the gentle creak of leather
velvety brown noses
pards with ponytails


two birds and one stone...

if we were having (virtual) coffee this morning, i'd introduce you to my friend lauren. lauren and i have a standing date on fridays for coffee... right after my morning walk. we moved our date this week because, well, i'll be out of town visiting family for a day or two. i look forward to friday all week. we talk about everything and we know each other so well, and we care about all the big stuff and the little details. i am so thankful for my friend and for our fridays. 

i'd also share my yummy cranberry-raspberry bars with you. lauren wouldn't have one because she has a horrible reaction to raspberries. i'd feel stupid that i'd brought them to share on a day that she was there, but there's a reason for my faux pas...

i participate frequently in the sunday creative. but i couldn't post my entry for this week's inspiration until i had a chance to actually live the adventure. for you see, this week's prompt is
Indulge: 1. To yield to, satisfy, or gratify. 2. To yield to the wishes or whims of; be lenient or permissive with. 3. To allow oneself to follow one's will.
well, i had this new recipe for these cranberry bars sitting on my counter and the cranberries in the fridge. so i had to bake. and you see, here on my little sd card is both my virtual coffee treat, and the object of my response to "indulge." please help yourself and enjoy one or two...
meanwhile, let's talk about the things in our lives that we are so thankful for... leave a comment... tell us what you're thankful for. and the real challenge is... who are you thankful to?



these little brooches have become somewhat addicting! i keep having little inspirations of designs and i just have to try them out.

these two will be headed for my etsy shop. picture one of these on a sweater, scarf, hat...



the prompt for this week's sunday creative is...

Lonely: 1. lone; solitary; without company, companionless. 2. remote from places of human habitation. 3. standing apart; isolated.

we were just reminiscing about the thanksgiving a few years ago that we spent camping in death valley with my mom and dad. there were so many sights and feelings and moments that we brought home with us that will ever linger...

it was strange and magical. the sun had a different light. the air was peculiar to us. it was a beautiful and lonely place...


bunch o brooches

finished four brooches and put them in my etsy shop. i think they'd make darling gifts, and they look so great on a sweater!


autumn puzzle

the trees had spread their jigsaw puzzle of gold and brown and crimson on the lawn



migraines are not conducive to great accomplishments...
but i feel better today...
wishing you a beautiful monday!


pins and needles

a while back i saw such a cute idea on one of the blogs i follow. melissa in new zealand makes the most darling things! her embroidered brooches just delighted me... so of course, had to make one. you can see her tutorial at tiny happy.
please, tell me what you think of my version.
i think i'll make several more to put in my etsy shop... watch for them next week!

the black "bundle" is my embroidery thingy, just a piece of felt with a ribbon sewn on. for any particular project, put your palette of floss on the felt, a few needles, and it's easy to wrap up everything, including all the single or double strands of floss and keep it all together. very handy indeed...



the prompt for this week's sunday creative is...

Obsolete: 1.no longer in general use, fallen into disuse. 2. effaced by wearing down or away. 3. to make obsolete by replacing with something newer or better; antiquate.

when my favorite jeans began to tear, i made them even more favorite by repairing them with my needle and embroidery floss. alas, there comes a time when the holes are so numerous, there is no salvaging what fabric remains... i am too fond of them to toss them. 

promises, promises...

i went out to the garden to pick the last pumpkin off the vine on sunday afternoon so my sons and i could carve our jack o' lanterns...

lots of marigolds had finished their last business for the season:
making their promises of another summer.
these will air dry for a week or so and then i'll package them up in pretty handmade envelopes.
i'll show you those when i make them.
they're great in christmas or easter baskets.

my sons had other seeds that they were more interested in :)