the prompt for this week's sunday creative is...

Lonely: 1. lone; solitary; without company, companionless. 2. remote from places of human habitation. 3. standing apart; isolated.

we were just reminiscing about the thanksgiving a few years ago that we spent camping in death valley with my mom and dad. there were so many sights and feelings and moments that we brought home with us that will ever linger...

it was strange and magical. the sun had a different light. the air was peculiar to us. it was a beautiful and lonely place...


  1. Wow! It certainly looks very desolate. You can't get much more lonely than that!

  2. oh these look beautiful and the sky is such a wonderful blue! I think it must be absolute heaven to walk here. Thank you so much for these wonderful photographs for the prompt.

  3. Absolutely fantastic photos. I've always wanted to visit there, but now I want to even more!

  4. really was an intriguing place... i loved the sand dunes in the morning. the footprints told stories about what happened the night before...