night heron

inspired by one of my favorite artists, i decided to try something a bit different...
what do you think?
i think i'll put him in my etsy shop.


how my garden grows

i am a bit weary of the spring rain, but my garden is not.
"bring it on!" shouts lettuce,
sweet grape tomatoes sigh, "what a glorious day!",
and zucchini hums odd little happy tunes.
so, i suppose i should be content to paw through my recipes for 101 things to do with...


off to the beach again...

i put some beach birdies on branches...
i'm going to drill holes in them so that they can hang,
then i'll put them in my etsy shop!


shadow play

outside my bedroom window is a little olive tree
my husband was still sleeping, so i got up quietly
the early sun had kissed the shades that glowed so beautifully
the peaceful morning shadow play i almost didn't see
a silhoutted little bird alit upon the tree...
the gentle, precious moment still smiles inside of me.


rainy day blues

another rainy day...
the birds are singing about the yummy worms that are up and how the seeds love the rain!

i'm not painting today, so i've pulled up some of my favorite images for a "blues" collage.


another heron

this is the companion piece to yesterday's heron.
they'll both be in my etsy shop soon...


i finally got a chance to paint....
last night i worked on herons, a totally new bird for me

tell me what you think of this guy!


caw! (eating fish)

caw! my kid can caw!
...if you're wondering, it's a vulture mixed with a P-E-L-I- C-A-N


mother's day rocks

i was thinking of something a little different for mom...



lettuce spend time in the garden today... the sky is so blue and the sun is bright.
it's gourd to be out in the garden today... the breezes are cool and the clouds are white.
i've bean outside in the garden today... my basket is heavy and my heart is light.
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