how my garden grows

i am a bit weary of the spring rain, but my garden is not.
"bring it on!" shouts lettuce,
sweet grape tomatoes sigh, "what a glorious day!",
and zucchini hums odd little happy tunes.
so, i suppose i should be content to paw through my recipes for 101 things to do with...


  1. Dear Sisigirl,
    We rejoice in your garden, your sweet creative spirit, and share your love of the Creator and His creation. May you have the time to paint, dig and cook. You are loved.
    Sweetie, Joe and Lance

  2. :) some of that lettuce was our dinner! love you right back!

  3. Ah yes, we have had buckets of rain and wind today, but we need it. My passionfruit and figs are lapping it all up.

    My watercolours do not like the rain - it takes forever for layers to dry.

    Off to look at more of your lovely blog,