grow your own

each year at summer's end, i collect seeds from the flowers around the yard.
i package them up in envelopes that i have made myself and stamped and labeled.
they make great presents; i wrap a selection of them with a ribbon and put them in a basket with a handmade "something": soap, a piece of embroidery, a tiny framed painting, an ornament, etc... you could use one of my sweet beach bird ornaments! and i love pulling them out in the spring to plant myself; they're a bit like old friends.

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  1. Ohh what a sweet idea. I love that. Have you seen the website for the Hudson River Valley Seed Company. I came across it by accident,but, my son worked on my computer and now I have lost alot of sites, so I have to find is again. They have wonderful artist drawn art for the seed packages. I am sure you can Google it.
    Again. great idea.