as i mentioned, our family went up to the cabin for a few days...
my husband and i took a took a walk around the lake and the winter slipped gently off our shoulders and summer began to soak in with the warm sunshine. being a woman, my eyes naturally took in all the "tinies" (one of my theories: men tend to see the vistas, the big picture, the adventure, while women see the "tinies", delicate flowers, pretty rocks, birds flitting in the trees, the soft flutter of a butterfly...).
well, this was the same walk we took last august. on that particular walk, i took my camera along, of course. as i found lovely compositions, my eyes spent more time looking at the possibilities than the trail. stone, foot, stumble, fall, break fall with hand, camera in hand, camera go boom, smash, ugh. needless to say, i didn't take my new camera this year.
... fail
the wildflowers were so precious, and there was an incredible variety! but no photos... fail
another little jaunt to the creek. found a diamond. really, a perfectly cut, flawless diamond. no kidding! but i can't show you how perfectly the dewdrop filled that little leaf with the most exquisite diamond man has seen... fail
i must never let this happen again. i must get a proper camera case!


  1. What a fun post Lisa. Know it must be fun to be able to walk and catch nature with your camera. Have a great weekend.

  2. No Lisa, what is Storywoods??? I love your blog, and thank you for your always kind and sweet comments on mine. I wish there was some way for all of us that look at each others blog to have a big reunion somewhere and really meet each other. Have a marvelous weekend.