sunday creative

this week's prompt... shapely. gee, tempted to just post a picture of myself ;)... seems every year past 40 i keep getting more and more "shapely."

i think i'll stick to the purpose, which is prompting creativity.

in so many ways, isn't shape almost inseparable from color? it is often the very thing that defines shape. but in an even more real sense, the way something feels as we touch, that is the true experience of shape... hard, sharp angles, smooth planes, soft curves, bumps, ridges, even the missing places. best to close your eyes and discover what you hold, relishing the simple wonder of touch...

btw, these painted rocks are in my etsy shop.


  1. these are lovely, laughed at your comment about being over 40 and shapely and then saw you are 47 too!! isn't it all scary how the body changes, not coping with that too well. Great prompt for shapely

  2. justine and vanessa, i'm so glad you like my rocks :) and yes, 47 is presenting some challenges! good to know we're not alone.

  3. Nice choice for 'shapely'!
    And I agree, after 40, I'm definitely becoming quite shapely. ack! ;)

  4. Your blog got me on a few levels... I'm just about the same age and appreciate the "increasingly shapely" comment. Secondly, my name "anmarie" is also a nickname from my father, and lastly, I just love your header with the beautiful little bird! You're doing a beautiful job with your blog!