this week's prompt for the sunday creative is...

from the word abundant, meaning more than enough: amply sufficient

every year at this time, i buy little mini pumpkins or gourds to decorate our home. being a gardener, it struck me last year that this was silly, i should grow my own. so... i did.

not everything in the garden has done well this year. i've heard a lot of people say that. it was a "cold" summer that got started late. but my garden is really just an excuse to grow tomatoes, of which i have had enough to enjoy caprese salad as often as we like, and even to share. so i just consider everything else that grows there a bonus.

but today the garden is a bit weary around the edges... there are more curled, brown leaves than i care to bother pulling, the zucchini plants look like they're struggling to eek one more blossom into a fruit, the birdhouse gourds seem to just be waiting for the vine to wither so that they can go about their business of turning brown in the autumn sun, and i am content, nay, relieved, to have less work to do out there.

i feel like my september garden, and despite the warm glow of the afternoon, the balmy breezes that keep most people outdoors, i am brown around the edges. i'd like to eek out some fruit, heck, even a blossom would be good. but i just don't have the energy. i feel very sad. i feel empty and tired. i feel very definitely not abundant.


  1. This is a lovely shot, and I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. oh dear hope things feel better soon, I think this is a lovely shot and I would love to be able to grow pumpkins

  3. Sending well thoughts. this is a lovely shot such warmth and mellowness. Cherry XXX

  4. Hope your spirits lift soon. I love the shot of the pumpkins. That is something that always makes me happy.