hey, where's the art?

this blog began as an art blog.

about a year ago, having reached the end of more than eight years of home schooling my sons, i found time in my days to pull out my long-abandoned watercolors. i even started an etsy shop. but since summer, i just haven't found much time for my painting.

i have two of the most wonderful people blossoming before my eyes. yes, they were insanely adorable and fun (and challenging) as little kids, but the high school years! this is golden! who are these amazing young men and where did they come from? keeping them organized and properly laundered as they go from school, to sports, to friends, events, the DMV (yes, my oldest is now 16), and all the things that teenagers do... just really eats into my time.

do you think i can claim a little credit as a contributing artist? best time i ever spent.

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  1. Raising my two sons was probably the achievment in my life I loved the most and was most proud of. They are 25 & 29 now. Enjoy and treasure these years, they are gone so fast. Happy times with them.