the prompt for this week's sunday creative is...

Illuminate vb 1: To supply or brighten with light: light up 2: To make clear: to bring to the fore 3: To decorate with designs or pictures in gold or colors
i am feeling a need for illumination. i feel a bit muddy and murky... with a family, with kids that are no longer kids, but young men, kids that still need mom there on the sidelines, ready to cheer, coach, doctor, just be a teammate... the stream of life has lots of feet jumping in and stirring up the bottom. i wouldn't have it any other way! i love it! but i have to learn where i ought to be standing. so i'm sorta standing here watching my feet and waiting for the stuff to settle and clear...


  1. Lovely. Morning Glories are such beautiful flowers. What a great take on the prompt, artistic and personal.