beginning to look a lot like...

yes! the tree is bee-u-ti-ful and this year i put the nativity under it rather than the christmas village i usually put there. i'm liking the choice. decorating is done and shopping is under control. i am a happy woman. now i can relax with what are the fun things this time of year...

...working on the little hand made gifts for my friends, caroling with a group of friends, going for after-dinner walks to look at christmas lights, all my favorite cd's, our family's traditional movies that we watch this time of year, cranberry margaritas, meeting friends for a latte (oops, that was two "foods" in a row, better be careful!), small gatherings to play games... and i will NOT bake cookies this year. too bad guys, but mom gets fat just LOOKING at them!

(yes, that's a tortilla)
i'm hoping that you are finding time to enjoy the season too...


  1. MMM - looks and sounds lovely. Cranberry Margaritas especially. Love the shots. Enjoying the season alot. Cherry XXX

  2. Ooooo! Love these macro shots! Glad you laughed at my armpit stains and agree with the theme of magic being ever-present. My goodness, if you ever do make it this far north I would love to share a "real" brew with you! If only to tempt you, I will be making some Christmas cookies soon, once I've dug out from all this (15 inches) of unpredicted snow.

  3. P.S. Did somebody say margaritas?