indoor garden and stylin' thoughts

a mere $5 can provide such pleasure...

i bought two tulip pots, pulled out some spanish moss, and made terrariums in some big glass vases that i have.
the house is smiling :)

i may have to paint them!

and i am SO incredibly flattered and encouraged!
paula of mindful drawing, who lives in belgium (i just think it is so absolutely COOL that our world is so connected), has given me a stylish blogger award. woo-woo-la-la! thank you, paula!

in the interest of promoting world peace and stylish blogs, i get to share the honors with other bloggers...

  • for having such a personal and almost "retro" quality to her photographs, the first award goes to Amy at LuckyNumber13. I also love, love, love her style of sharing her world and her very worthwhile thoughts.
  • jacilyn at blue china studio captures my heart, particularly with her absolutely charming art, and her sense of natural, simple beauty. 
  • lindsay at banter has a guileless and basic style of her own. she shares real life.
  • now, when someone say "stylish", i generally think of visual qualities... but i'm thinking a bit outside the box with kim of the bodhi chicklet. this woman's brain and sense of humor are absolutely stylin'! i love every word i read; sometimes she waxes poetic, sometimes she is artistic, or contemplative, and sometimes she just makes me blurt out laughing! bahahahaha!
  • and simone of serendipity has a simple, elegant style that lets her gorgeous photography take the spotlight on her blog.

my intention is to pass this award on to bloggers that don't yet have GOBS of readers... but ought to! (although i have no idea about bodhi chicklet, cuz there's no "followers" thingy on her site) and these are the women whose styles are unique and particularly special to me.

i'm also supposed to tell you seven things about myself, but i have waaaaay too many other things to do with my day, so you'll just have to come back another time!



  1. I love your terrariums, I want to make one! I wish I was like you and could paint them too.Fancy your visitors living so close to me, virtually neighbours!! Congratulations on your award. I am going to pop by to each of the sites you mentioned. Thanks for sharing the joy!!!

  2. Wow, thanks. I'm honoured, I think. Followers? What followers? I LEAD, baby! Actually I didn't realize I didn't have any or even that I should...hmmm...must contemplate that. Let's see if I can't swing this into my Friday Haiku. Seven things about myself - that's a little revealing...

  3. Aww, thank you so much. So kind of you and i really appreciate it! : ) And Kim, yes, love her sense of humor!
    I want to make terrariums too...I have thought about it a million times...I'm gonna do it now. Love these! And yes, a mere $5 really CAN bring much joy, huh?

  4. Lisa, oh my! I am so honored & flattered to receive a stylish blogger award!
    Thank you for all of your encouragement and inspiration...and those tulips, don't even get me started.:)

  5. Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for my little award! I just love your terrariums. I've been wanting to make one and now seeing yours just makes me want to even more.