virtual coffee a la road

if i had had virtual coffee with you yesterday morning, i would have tossed you and my travel mug into the car and sped off on my errands...

you would have told me all about the past few weeks that we've missed each other, who you saw for Christmas, where you went, what you did for NYE... and i would have listened happily as i sipped my warm brew. so glad to be back to my regularly scheduled life and chat with you again.

as i dragged you through targets and old navy and the grocery store, i would have filled you in on much of the same: friends, friends' houses for games, had friends over for games... and how my sons spent so much of their time with their friends. i was glad that they had a chance to really re-connect with their buddies. they are so dadgum busy with school all the time... and i would have babbled about some of my thoughts on getting a REAL job to help pay for this stuff i'm buying, and how i've had some ideas on art teaching and some other inspirations and how i'm trying to let God open and close doors his way and to follow his lead... i would tell you how surprised i am at how He's changed me over the years so that i'm more flexible and open to all kinds of things. it's a genuine relief not to get tweaked over all the "i wants." and how puzzled i am that i'm not annoyed that i have to bring in money because my husband's construction business is so slow.

as we left the stores i would have shared some of the fun thoughts from the little book i picked up again (great one for this "fresh start" time of year) and then i would have hugged you and dropped you off on your doorstep as i took my bags home to unload and started filling out job applications...

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  1. The little book seems to hold lots of wisdom. I'll have to track it down. I could use some good wisdom right about now. Great post. And good luck with the job hunting.