found on friday

alright, first of all, i found my camera in the absolute sorry mess that is piled around my laptop. no, i won't go into that, i'm done whining...

now, the first thing i found is downright strange. but amazing. i was tickled. a tree growing in my sink!

okay, you're humoring me... but there's also something amazing happening to the trees in the yard... look!

ahhh... now that's beautiful! you can't believe the cherry blossoms here in the spring.


  1. Yes, that looks exactly like a tree!

    Had to laugh over the dirty laundry post. We sometimes have similar problems here as well!

  2. Only a true artist could find art in their sink! ( mind you I do agree it does look amazingly like a tree!). Just love your cherry blossoms, would love to have some here, although they would proberbly wilt in our sweltering heat here at the moment!

  3. Hi Sisigirl,
    I love those spring buds, almost every blog has flowers and buds!
    Your blog is nature like, photo's of nature, it is really nice!

    Kappacavy (9)

  4. ...just around the corner. Thank you for this "branch" of hope! :)

  5. love that little tree growing in the sink!-ha.