virtual coffee

if we were actually sitting down for coffee together today, i'd want to be sitting outside in the sunshine. it's a bit chilly, by our standards here, but to me it's gorgeous and sunny and we both need a bit of vitamin d, eh?

i'd want to show you some of the pictures of the dog show we went to over the weekend. no, we aren't dog show people, but we are dog people. my family's most precious companion died a bit over a year ago and we have been so heartbroken. indie was a "rescue" dog (meaning rescued from an animal shelter), the sweetest australian shepherd ever... but now we are in DESPERATE need of a "magic puppy head" (too much explaining, coined by a friend of ours). we know we want another australian shepherd, and i promised my sons that we'd get a puppy this time. i mean, how often do you get the chance? do you have any idea how ADORABLE an aussie puppy is? so on saturday we meet lots of wonderful doggie people and dogs; i'll let you know how the hunt progresses. and we just got so many kisses from so many precious friends! (i love how dogs will be your instant friend).

i'd also tell you how i can't even keep track of all the things i'm "in the process" of doing. my husband's contracting business has books that must be straightened up for the end of the year, and that's my job, my oldest son is a junior, so there's lots of college, SAT, etc. pieces to investigate, sign up for, follow up on, as well as who's getting a summer job and who's going to camp and who's serving at vacation bible school and where are we going to go camping, and there's substitute teaching, which isn't bringing in enough money, so i need to find more work, and my car isn't running and i never have any time for art. and all that means i probably ought to get going already, even though you've barely peeped a word!

but remember last week... i did all the listening :)
hugs til our next virtual coffee!


  1. You got me from the start with the dogs. I lost my old girl (an English setter) last June - she was 15 years (3 months and 8 days) old. I still weep on the spot when I think of her. Hurray for being ready for another companion! I am sitting here waiting for the storm of the century to hit although from the sounds of it we won't get as much as others (probably only 8 inches to a foot). There just doesn't seem to be enough time, huh? I find I have to define priorities and let everything else go to heck. Art ranks up there as one priority. Cleaning is usually on the bottom of the list! And laundry? Well, last week I confessed to turning our underwear inside out to get another day out of them. I hope that wasn't TMI. Thanks for the java!

  2. Such cute dogs! My children continually nag me for a dog, but I find it such an amazing responsibility, much like having a new baby.....I know I will have to give in some time soon, Good luck with your hunt, will watch your progress!!!

  3. wow, you do have a lot going on. the older the kids get things just get so much busier, huh? oh the dogs are so cute, my kids want a puppy so bad but we have two older beagles so it's gonna be a while. i would take sunny and warmer tempos over this actual blizzard we have going on today. wow...afraid we're gonna be snowed in all week!
    thanks for coffee!

  4. Oh Aussies are such sweethearts!! And Aussie puppies are simply irresistible. We just rescued a little puppy and I can tell you for sure they are a TON of work (with the house breaking and the crate training, and the no sleep until they can sleep through the night...indeed much like a small child) BUT SO SO SO WORTH IT. We've had ours for a little over a month and we are totally in love with her. She brings us a ton of laughter and snuggles. Good luck finding your "magic puppy head"!