this week's prompt for the sunday creative is...

Nothing: 1. no thing {leaves to the imagination} 2. something that does not exist 3. zero

lots of ideas for that... but the one that made the most sense for me this week is this tiny peek at the pile on my dining room table. i've overloaded my teensy "office/studio," so here it sits, commanding me to sort through it. don't get me wrong, i DO! that's the most frustrating part! day after day i deal with the bills, appointments, shipping, grocery list, and the notes: my boys need socks, my ipod earphones don't work and i definitely need those for my walk/jogs, my watch battery that i just had replaced for $9 isn't working either, kyle has a football game on friday night so tailgate dinner needed, ian has a cross country meet on saturday all the way in half moon bay, so i need to pack up for that, stuff needs to go back to targets and penney's... and what i wish for is...


nothing on my table. not nothing on my list. just nothing on my table. and maybe one day with nothing to do but paint...

hey, but i'm sure you know nothing about this dilemma, do you?

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  1. That sounds like the most wonderful kind of nothing to me! Great interpretation!