last week i stumbled onto some wonderful ladies having coffee. i knew two of them... well, we were aquainted; but the others were new to me. regardless, they had an empty seat, and i felt comfortable enough to join them. so i came back this tuesday to join them for virtual coffee...

join me for coffee!

if i was really having coffee with you today, i would have missed you all! i would have missed amy's fragrant, warm banana bread, i wouldn't have heard all about brooke's weekend and relished the details from her life that are echos of my boys' shenannigans just a few years ago, and i wouldn't have heard about tatiana's upcoming b&b weekend which is just as well, because i would be really jealous that she can even think about eating all those breakfast carbs without balloning up like a blowfish, and i've never stayed in a b&b, and oh, well, i can live vicariously through others, right?

so, why wasn't i there? well, my first cup of coffee was sipped at the other computer editing my oldest son's editorial. i don't usually do that, but sometimes sympathy gets in the way of "learning to do it all on your own." anyhow, i enjoyed myself, and he has an example of how to make it better next time.

and my second cup of coffee was at the sewing machine where i was determined to get my sewing and mending done so that i could pack up the mess and put it away. i was tired of looking at it! so, fait accomplit. and now i have some pretty new tea towels...

sorry i was so late... i hope you have a wonderful tuesday!


  1. so happy you joined in for coffee this week. i just love "meeting" all these new people and chatting with everyone. good for you for getting your project done, i hate when i have something left unfinished and it is just sitting there reminding me that i still need to do it!
    hope to see you again next week!

  2. Pretty tea towels...well worth being late. :)