patti stamps

i went to patti's house last night.

i love going to my friend patti's house.

patti has stamp camps.
she also serves yummy dessert.
i didn't have any of her apple crisp last night, though. i'm watching my calories :(
i have fun at patti's house...


  1. What fun cards and stamps. Sounds like a fun time.

  2. funny, blue china studio, i was just enjoying your blog earlier today. lovely images!

  3. Ooo love those cards! Gorgeous and beautifully detailed!

    And thanks for visiting my blog the other day. My mother knows a LIsa Geiger. If you go to Valley Church and know an Irene Horta then you're probably the one ;-) If not then oh well. Cupertino is a wonderful place to live at. Has everything and I miss it dearly, family included.

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