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we're all probably feeling a bit like, "how much can you fit into one week?!" one week ago i was wrapping and shopping and cooking and checking my lists... and now it's fait accomplit. our family's christmas is quiet and relaxed and very yummy... and there are certain customs that we have developed that are important to us. i neglected the advent calendar this year, and decided that was a mistake i will not make again! we play games together on christmas eve, the boys (now adult-sized) always open their stocking gifts on our bed in the morning (my favorite), breakfast is always eggs benedict (kyle's favorite) and "sunshine drinks", and english trifle with too much sherry (ian's favorite) for dessert after dinner. (all the food is kurt's favorite, especially the chicken a l'orange)

we usually go to christmas eve service as well, but my husband has had a rotten cold, so we stayed home and all my men listened while i read the littlest angel (i was a good girl and didn't cry).

we all love the opening and sharing and fun of the presents. it's been a tight year for us, and i was so pleased at my sons' acceptance of the smaller and more practical pile. of course, my favorites are anything pretty or crafty! i thought today i'd share some of my favorite new things...

the darling robin plate is from pier one,
the weekly organizer from art in motion, 
orchids courtesy of the greatest artist of all, 
the gorgeous water bottle from wild and wolf.

what were the most delightful gifts (yes, the ones you actually opened)
you received?

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