(virtual) french roast

if we were really having coffee this morning...

i'd sip my french roast sans croissant and tell you that i really enjoyed my monday. i substitute teach occassionally, and yesterday i got to play le professeur de francais. speaking franglais makes me smile!

i'd also tell you that we went caroling sunday evening with some of our friends. boy, did my teenage sons moan and groan about that one! but once we got there and the little kids were jumping up and down and people were so sweet, they smiled and sang and would never confess that it wasn't that bad after all. maybe the pretty teenage girls sweetened the deal... i dunno... ;)

you'd hear about how i'm falling behind in my christmas gift crafting and that i'd better get a handle on what needs to get done and when, pdq! or suddenly it'll be christmas eve and it'll be too late! then you'd tell me how your list is behind, too (don't even tell me if you've got it all under control, cuz i don't want to hear that). and we'd tell each other to down that last gulp and get to it, girl! i'd wrap my scarf over my shoulder and wish you a super day!


  1. How could anyone not enjoy caroling when you're in the middle of it? ;)
    (love your blog header!!)

  2. You know, some people enjoy the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping and chrafting - working under the gun and all that. I never did well with stress, I usually starting my holiday crafting in October.Most of my handmade gifts this year are photo mosaics (can't post any photos chez moi in case one of the recipients sees it BEFORE the 25th). I made one for my mother of photos of the family from the past year, one for my son - a big poster size one which I had printed and plasticized at Staples for very little cost. I make "sister" calendars for my sister an me - identical calendars except for July. We don't live near each other and I like the idea that we are looking at the same thing every month. It is hard to keep up though. I didn't know you spoke French! Next time we meet for coffee we'll speak it together!

  3. How did you ever get teenage boys to carol? Is there some sort of magic spell involved? :-)

    And yes, I'm behind on everything on my Christmas list!

    Cute post.

  4. I love virtual coffee! Thank you.:) Your week sounded lovely. When my kids mention how many days we have until Christmas I get a little nervous.-ha!

  5. The coffee looks so warm and tasty! Merry Christmas to you Lisa.